In a world saturated with messages, the name of the game is DIFFERENTIATION.
In a world filled with emotions, dreams, information and messages all competing for the attention of your customers, how can we create a brand name?
orstudio provides Brand Equity – creating a range of values, concepts and images that distinguish your brand in the mind of the consumer.
Brand Equity is uncovered through first asking directed questions designed to determine your brand’s unique characteristics, with an open mind that holds no limits.
After the characterization phase, orstudio creates a high quality design concept that accurately reflects your brand’s content points.

The Journey

  • Introduction: Client – Studio; Product – Service; Consumers
  • Research: Differentiation; Discovering Brand Equity
  • Objectives: Definition of marketing goals
  • Design: Creation of the visual perspective
  • Completion: Development of a visually rich brand line

Success Metrics:
Client awareness of Brand Equity.
Consumer awareness of brand differentiation – sending a clear and well designed message.

A graphic design and Branding Studio providing service in the field of visual communication for private clients, companies, institutions, and Foundations, placing special emphasis on personal attention, professionalism and commitment.

A graduate of the Goren School for Visual Communication, Orly Jakobowicz has over 15 years’ experience in the field of Visual Design and holds a Certificate in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Haifa in Israel.


Welcome to express your inspiration and design your vision!